Solana Pag d.o.o. is the largest producer of sea salt in Croatia. Its production is based on a thousand-year tradition of salt production on the island of Pag. The first written records date to the 9th century. Until 1908, there were 133 salt pans.

They then were purchased by the Austro-Hungarian state, which launched a new, consolidated salt production concern in 1911. Modernization of the salt plant was carried out in 1980, when a production facility was constructed, thereby increasing production capacity and reducing the impact of climatic conditions on the production process, while ensuring an exceptionally high quality product.

At the beginning of the 1990s, Solana Pag began to expand its product line and so today, besides fine and coarse sea salt and industrial salt, it also produces fleur de sel, dishwasher salt, bath salts, nutrient-enriched salt and herbal salt..

The production technology in Solana Pag takes maximum advantage of its location – a pristine environment, a high number of sunny days, impermeable ground, favourable winds – so the purity of Pag’s salt makes it among the highest-quality salt in Europe and the world. As proof of its quality and specificity, Solana Pag has received a national designation of origin from the Agriculture Ministry, while in April 2019 this was confirmed at the level of the European Union, so that Pag salt bears a protected designation of origin.

The salt produced in Salona Pag is rich in minerals, of which most are necessary to human health, and modern installations are used to iodize it, making it an essential component of any healthy diet. Most of Solana Pag’s products are sold on the Croatian market, but its products are also present on the markets of neighbouring countries.

On 12 April 2005, the management of Solana Pag d.d. made the decision to introduce the HACCP system to its salt production activities so as to justify customer confidence by creating a high-quality product as a result of updated production and staff training, while seeing to the needs of both employees and the local community and minimizing its environmental impact as much as possible. Based on this decision, policies and objectives were adopted, as well as plans to achieve them.

Since 2008, Solana Pag’s products have complied with Kosher standards, as confirmed by a Kosher certificate. The conferred designation of Croatian island product allows for the identification and distribution of quality island products that are recognized as such in Croatia and abroad. On 6 June 2011, Solana Pag’s management issued a new policy entitled: “Quality Assurance, Environmental Protection and Product Safety Policy,” on which basis it implements the requirements of the ISO 14001:2004 international standards. Implementation was soon followed by certification of the environmental management system in compliance with ISO 14001:2004 requirements.

During 2018, Solana Pag carried out the transition of the environmental management system in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 14001: 2015 standard.

Only the premium sea salt production can be a true Friend of the Sea. One of our long-term goals is to be fully sustainable sea salt producer co-existing with nature and local community.

Therefore, Solana Pag was certified in May 2023 according to the requirements of Friend of the sea.

HACCP Certificate for Solana Pag 2024-2027

HACCP Certificate

HACCP Certificate for Solana Pag 2024-2027
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ISO 14001Certificate for Solana Pag d.d. 2023-2026 hrv

Bureau Veritas

In 2006, Solana Pag was granted the BVQI HACCP certificate, and in 2011 the BVQI ISO 14001:2015 certificate
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OI – Potvrda o sukladnosti proizvoda sa specifikacijom proizvoda za 2023. – Paška sol 230803+prilog v1-1

Bureau Veritas - Certificate

OI - Certificate of conformity of the product with the product specification for 2023 - Paška salt 230803+attachment v1-1
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Solana Pag-20230802074957

Kosher Certification

In 2021, Solana Pag was granted Kosher Certification, which designates foodstuffs prepared in compliance with Jewish dietary laws.
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FOS certificate

This certificate is a confirmation of achieving our goals and streaming toward excellence. FOS certificate is bringing the value of presenting us as a gamechanger in sea salt production. Also enabling us to reach more potential consumers that value their food quality and sustainable development.
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Solana Pag is a proud winner of the Best Buy Award

“From the sea or elsewhere. THE SEA IS THE BEST!” with the highlighted Best Buy Award medal.

Solana Pag – the best salt on the Croatian market
The salt produced by Solana Pag has received the Best Buy Award medal based on Best Buy Award DEEPMA special research in 2010/2011, in which Solana Pag convincingly won first place in the “table salt” category.
Best Buy Award research was conducted in Croatia by the respected global market research institute Gfk SE, and the aim of the research was to ease the search for products with the best price-to-quality ratio on the Croatian goods and services market.

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