• RTL HR Video clip about Solana Pag

  • Solana Pag d.d. among the most successful firms in Croatia (narodni-list.hr) - view article
  • Solana Pag: Salt with the best price-to-quality ratio (jatrgovac.com) - view article
  • Domestic salt makers produce 20,000 tons of salt, but 100,000 tons are imported (poslovni.hr) - view article
  • Solana Pag produces 1,600 kg of fleur de sel (poslovni-savjetnik.com) - view article
  • Pag’s white gold: The cause for wars, but also a good life (dnevnik.hr) - view article
  • Give us charred logs from wildfires – we’ll turn them into salt! (zadarski list) - view article
  • Pag salt and Međimurje pork preserved in lard protected by transitional national designation (agrobiz.hr) - view article
  • Drought conducive to fleur de sel production by Solana Pag (zdnews.hr) - view article
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